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PuSh Festival @Granville Island…1 more week left

Monday, January 28th, 2013

If you are visiting Vancouver this week be sure to visit Granville Island as the PuSh Festival is in its final week (ending on February 3rd).

This is the first major festival of the season and a very good excuse to check out what Granville Island has to offer – and it does offer a lot. From the famous Granville Island market, to artisan bakeries, stylish boutique shops. There is also no shortage of entertainment for all the family, the famous Granville Island Buskers which are a staple for entertainment and they are really really good, you will be very entertained.

For further reading and more in depth information on Granville Island…please take a look at this older blog entry…it should help navigate you as to what is on offer there…

The Island is also a good spot for dining, you have plenty to choose from most notably The Sandbar which boasts a great balcony area where you can enjoy your meal with an excellent view…and check out Edible Canada too, they have a sweet location right in the hub of Granville Island…perfect to watch the people and the day go by…to reach Granville Island is very easy, roughly a 20 minute journey, you head down Thurlow St and catch the False Creek Ferry, its easy, its cute and its cash only! Ask the Front desk at the Sunset Inn & Suites for further details there…

We want to highlight this particular show as it involves Kris Elgstrand who is the husband of our very own Sunset Inn Front desk extraordinaire Arabella Bushnell!!!

The show is a pretty quirky melancholy take on living in Vancouver, it explores the city via the medium of drawings, writings, thoughts and libertations, it was conceived during Vancouver’s darkest and dreary months of fall and winter…hence the title of Sad Sack.

If you like to look at further works from Kris Elgstrand, be sure to check out his own show call ‘Social Anxiety Hour’ which also features our very own Arabella!!! so please come out and support these guys – you will not be disappointed.

Look at some of the reviews from the Georgia Straight

New additions to the Lobby and Christmas cheer time!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone, this is the 12 days before so lets get you in the spirit with our annual CHRISTMAS CHEER!

Running from December 13th until the 25th we will be setting up the breakfast area with holiday cheer!
Come along and enjoy complimentary Christmas Orange, shortbread cookies, spiced tea and more.
Every day until the 25th between 3pm and 6pm

Brand New Coffee Machine for the Lobby!
We are excited to present a new addition to our lobby. We will be installing a Van Houtte Latte Lounge Coffee Machine located at the front of the lobby by the brochure rack.

As well as the regular coffee at the breakfast station, this machine will be available 24 Hours a day. and at a cost of $.50 for 8oz and $1.00 for 16oz…….Beat that Timmies or Starbucks!!!

We have been wanting to install this for quite some time, and now you will get a choice of specialty beverages such as Expresso, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate and more.

We have some hidden talents in the hotel, and no, its not just our Wit and blissful Sarcasm, its our very own Arabella Bushnell!!!

Arabella has been acting for quite some time now – as does her husband Kris Elgstrand. Kris is the host of the show SOCIAL ANXIETY HOUR. Which Arabella also features in from time to time.
This is a little blurb about the show….
“Kris Elgstrand’s Social Anxiety Hour, hosted by Vancouver’s own sad sack troubadour Kris Elgstrand, is a variety show for anxious times and Vancouver’s new home for celebrating your Sunday Night Panic”.

If you want to come along and see the show, come down this Sunday at The Waldorf Hotel, 1489 East Hastings Street, Vancouver. Show starts at 8pm, Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets are $10 in advance (604 376 3729) or $12 at the door.