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Cherry Blossoms are Blooming!!!!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Video of Vancouver Crows coming home to roost

Spring season has arrived, and like clockwork it is very visible throughout Vancouver.

One of the most telling signs that the Spring is here is by noticing the Cherry Blossom trees awakening all around the city, and what a beautiful site these trees are. Vancouver is blessed to have so many Cherry Blossoms throughout the city and it will be quite the display from now until May.

Between April and May, Vancouver will host the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival The festival is run by a non profit Society that celebrates the season with Arts, poetry and entertainment, it was set up in 2005 to celebrate and give thanks to the trees that were donated to the city back in the 1930s. They also have a fantastic website that follows all the trees as they begin to bloom, there is an interactive map that points out where you can go and locate the very best in bloom. The festival runs from April 5th until April 28th.

What we really adore about Vancouver is how the area is really divided by the seasons, not only do we have the four well known seasons, but also Wet and Dry, it is this time of year where we see the beginnings of Spring appear, also the rains now begin to taper off marking the beginnings of the transition between wet and dry

Check out the local flora and fauna which are now visibly awakening from their slumber, the suburbs of the West End are by far a stunning sight to see. Also keep an eye on the skies above you as Vancouver has many migrating birds of all shapes and sizes appearing overhead, it is not unusual to see Herons, Bald Eagles and more hovering majestically above our heads. If you want further help on where to see the best of the natural world make sure to check with us at the Front Desk, there is a wonderful spot in Stanley park where the Herons build their huge nests (located near the open air Swimming Pool and Second Beach), and nesting season for the Avian gang are well and truly here, we will be able to recommend other great areas such as Queen Elizabeth Park – located in the south of Vancouver, formally part of a quarry, the park is situated on the highest point of Vancouver and has incredible 360 degree views of the area it is a must for all plant lovers.

Finally, everyday of the year look out for the Crows heading home to roost, a remarkable sight that sees a huge flock (believe it or not it is commonly known as a murder!) of crows all heading home one before sunset, they congregate from many areas of the city (such as English Bay, False Creek and Stanley Park) where they head south East towards Burnaby where hundreds of the Vancouver Crows settle in for the night!.

So from every at the Sunset Inn and Suites, we say a warm and welcome hello to Spring, the good weather is on its way…..

Why stay at the Sunset? Well let us explain…..

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Many of our blogs have been focusing on the surrounding areas of what to see and do in Vancouver, we feel that this will be a great time for you to get to know the hotel, as we truly believe that we have an exceptional product that is sure to go above and beyond your idea of a hotel.

All year round, we the staff all do our part with the upkeep of the hotel and we are constantly striving to see what we can do to make this hotel the very best for your needs. This blog will explain why you should choose us, and why would you have to pay for MORE during your stay, because by staying at the Sunset Inn and Suites, you will find this is by far the best priced hotel for quality, comfort and location.

At no extra cost The Sunset Inn offers Free complimentary parking for 1 vehicle per room.
A light continental breakfast (which includes a variety of Fruit, Bagels, Croissants, Muffins, Coffee, Tea and Juices.
We now have wireless and Hard wire Internet in ALL rooms, if you do not have access to internet, you are more than welcome to come to the front desk and use our computer, here you can print Boarding Passes or anything else that you require.
We boast some of the Largest suites in the area, with a fully equipped and fully furnished Kitchens, living space and balcony’s, we are an Apartment style hotel, with full amenities at your disposal
Self Service Laundry (Laundry soap is provided by us) 24 hour access close to the Lobby.
Complimentary Bike Room.
We also boast a very large and eclectic selection of DVD’s to watch at no extra charge. If there is no DVD played in the room, we have more to sign out (also no charge) from behind the Front Desk.

HIGH DEFINITION TVs have now been installed into the Executive Hotel Rooms, so you can enjoy maximum viewing pleasure in your bedroom and the living room….!

So when you are shopping around and are looking for the ultimate deal, WHY PAY MORE ELSEWHERE????

St Patricks Day Festivities

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

The big weekend is almost upon us where we dig out our lucky charms, don big red beards and wear green green green, for this is the weekend of St Patricks day, celebrated worldwide every March 17th.

Vancouver has plenty of events for you to celebrate this occasion, from Big Parades, to Green beer, and even a huge Rugby game against the English….please read further for the scoop on where to go to celebrate the Emeralds Isle biggest calender date.

The majority of the Irish bars will be welcoming one and all for this festive occasion,.so here is the list of what is Hot, Green and full of shenanigans…
The Blarney Stone – Probably its biggest day of the year for this popular bar and music venue, the Blarney Stone will be offering up a delicious Full Irish menu, Green beers and fun for all the family to enjoy, the festivities for the family begins at 9am, then after 6pm it is open for anyone over the age of 19+ . There will be Irish dancers and live music to get you in the Paddy’s Day Spirit.
Ceili’s Irish Pub (Granville St location) will have live dancers, bagpipers and a huge crowd to get you into the swing of things!
Other notable locations are, Doolins (Granville Street) Lamplighter (Gastown) The Irish Heather (Gastown) probably one of the most classic of all Irish Bars in Vancouver.

On the day itself, back in Europe there is the finale of the very popular 6 nations rugby tournament, the very final game of the 2012 season is between Ireland and England at Twickenham. Ceili’s Bar in Kitsilano will be showing the game live at kick off from 11am, this will be an incredible chance to see a potential scalp of the old enemy, wouldn’t this be an incredible way to get St Patricks day started with a win against the English….it can not get better than this. The bar will be open for the earlier match showcasing another Celtic cousin, Wales v France at 7.45am, so if you want to get ahead and start earlier head to Kitsilano at Ceili’s – 1774 West 7th, Vancouver, V6J 4T3.

There is also the St Patricks Day Street Parade, this will be on Sunday March 18th, and will wind its way north along Howe St beginning at the Drake St intersection, it will then turn onto Georgia St and finish at Georgia and Granville St where you can enjoy the fun packed Street party.

And finally, running all week is CELTICFEST….this is Western Canada’s largest celebration of all that is Celtic and of cultural heritage, now in its 8th year, this festival promises to rock your socks off throughout Vancouver, it encompasses dancing, family friendly events with over 50 free and ticketed venues for you all to enjoy, no matter what age you are, come and join in the fun!

Huge Sporting weekend coming up in Vancity!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Vancouver is going to be one hell of a busy city this weekend and it is going to be a huge treat for any budding sporting fan out there.

Saturday March 10th is the beginning of Soccer season for the Vancouver Whitecaps, whom are opening up their first game of the season at a Jam packed BC Place with 23,000 faithful supporters coming to cheer the Whitecaps on against The Montreal Impact…………. there is more!!!!

To cap off this sporting weekend, the Vancouver Canucks are also entertaining Montreal just across the road at Rogers Arena in the NHL, where the faithful Canucks Supporters will fill Rogers arena with almost 20,000 in attendance. It is quite literally a doubleheader battle between East Vs West, Anglophone vs Francophone…so bring it on!

This year will also mark the beginning of the first full season of soccer games at the newly renovated BC Place Stadium, a few of the last games were played immediately after the renovations were completed in mid 2011. Whilst the majority of games of the 2011 season were played at at the temporary home for the Whitecaps, out at The Empire Field in East Vancouver, which is next to the PNE fairground attraction. BC Place is also home to the BC Lions Football team of the CFL League.

BC Place stadium has been a very famous landmark on the Vancouver Skyline, built in 1984, the Stadium was famous for its unmistakable Inflated roof. The roof itself made the headlines back in January 2006 when due to severe weather and the weight of Rain and Snow, the elements managed to tear a large hole in the roof, which marked the only time the roof had to be temporarily deflated in its history.

The stadium went through some major and massive renovations during 2011, it was time to say goodbye to the old inflated roof, and a welcome to a more modern structure. The stadium now literally looks like a huge Crown and further more it now boasts a stylish retractable roof. As sad as it was to see the Inflatable roof disappear, the venue has not lost its dominance on the Vancouver skyline and is still just as unique today as it has been years gone by. The renovations have really brought this venue into the 21st century and is proud to boast of some impressive facilities which is sure to impress any visitor here.

The Whitecaps are now in their 17th year. For many of the staff at The Sunset Inn and especially one Micheal Wright, the Whitecaps are now quite the institution in the Vancouver Sporting world. The fans are really what make up the atmosphere at this Stadium, specifically the famous ‘Southsiders’ who are the largest group of supporters here, who feature regularly at events associated with the team and can be seen and heard very clearly at the home games, there are some that come to the game just to witness the Southsiders at play! Also, a recently formed group called “La Doce’ were created in January 2011, these are fans who are made up from the old Spanish group of supporters, formally known as the ‘Spanish 12′ adopting the idea that they are the 12th member of the Whitecaps, the group is made up of Latin American and Spanish Fans from all over.

The Whitecaps V Montreal Kicks off at 3PM at BC Place.

Then the Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal kicks off just across the Georgia Street Viaduct at Rogers Arena at 7pm.

If you will like to see them on the TV you can catch these games on Sportsnet and in HIGH DEFINITION, we are proud to announce that as of this week the hotel now is now HD.

Sunset Inn suggestions for Valentines day.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

February 14th is Valentines day and it is fast approaching. So for all you lovebirds out there who are searching for ways to celebrate this romantic occasion, the Sunset Inn is proud to announce a new package that sees the hotel team up with the Calixica Holistic Spa on Granville Island. Calixica Holistic Spa opened in late 2011 and are located on Granville Island very close to the Granville Island Public Market. We strongly believe that this package will be perfect for such an occasion as Valentines day.

The Spa offers a transformative Spa experience which combines the earths natural healing energies, with a holistic approach to the spirit of personal Inner Health, wisdom and harmony. Please see the attachment to read further information of this exciting package.

As this is a great time to be able to wine and dine our loved ones, not only will you find the Spa experience on Granville Island, there are more options to help make this the perfect ‘date night’ for you and your loved ones.

If you are looking to share a pretty awesome bottle of wine together, you have to look no further than Liberty Wine Merchants on Granville Island, located near the Market and the Spa, here you will find an excellent selection of the finest high end wines locally and world wide. The hotel has a customer number assigned for a 10% discount off any wine you may purchase there, please ask at the front desk for the customer discount number.

We are sure that you agree with us that chocolates are a must for Valentines day, at least we think so at the hotel…. as the majority of us here are addicted to the stuff, the amount of chocolate we consumed over Christmas was pretty obscene to say the least!!!! So to make us feel less guilty about this guilty pleasure, we recommend that you pay a visit to Roger’s Chocolate shop, which is conveniently located next to Calixica Spa and heartily indulge…you know you want too!

A few tidbits on Valentines Day, the term Valentine is attributed to early Christian Martyrs. Many of these people were saints in ancient Rome and to be named a Valentine meant that you were ‘Worthy, Strong and Powerful’…some may say that the staff at the Sunset are worthy of the Valentines status as you will no doubt agree!!!

It is also debatable as to the origins of St Valentines day, was there even a Patron Saint of Lovers? Or was it associated with the Medieval Poet George Chaucer who encouraged Courtly Love in the middle ages, it seems that this would be the beginning of Valentines Day as we know it.

No matter what, it is a great day to sweep your loved ones off their feet and to enjoy the moment however you see fit, hopefully that includes our suggestions above.

Have a fantastic loved up Valentines day.

Where to Dine in Vancouver during January?

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Dine Out Vancouver

We have some great events coming to Vancouver during January and beyond, we will like to pay special attention to an annual Food event that will begin on January 20th and runs till February 5th.

Dine Out Vancouver has become a regular fixture over the last 10 years and has now become a staple on the foodie calender. Vancouver has always been known as a foodie city and for very good reason too. Its cultural and social diversity has made the city a true goldmine for anybody who has a love for everything that is culinary, and in this city you will absolutely find something that will suit your taste buds, if you like to experiment, there will surely be a cuisine and ethnicity that will be a brand new experience, we always encourage everyone to just go for it!

Where ever you will be in the city, you will most likely stumble across a restaurant that is a participant of this popular event, and with over 200 Restaurants participating you will be spoiled for choice. The prices for Dine Out are a massive steal, for 3 courses you will be paying from $18, $28 or $38 Per person, the meal being paired with a BC VQA Wine or a Kronenberg 1664.

The listings of all the restaurants that are participating in Dine Out will be released on January 9th via the Tourism Vancouver webpage

At the hotel, all the staff have their favorite restaurants to choose from, so please do not feel shy….ask us as many questions as possible about where we feel you should go to dine. Please also check out these restaurants below that are in the local area, especially if you are looking for something close by, and boy do we have quite the selection for you to enjoy…we have it all in The Davie Village area. The few we will have mentioned will be a reflection of the more popular food demographics that make up Vancouver.

Seafood-Pacific Northwest
The Boathouse Restaurant – Excellent location where you can enjoy some fantastic seafood at an affordable price, the restaurant is overlooking English Bay and is located at the very Western end of Burnaby St and Beach Ave, it is around a 15 minute walk downhill, or an easy few minutes bus ride close to the hotel just catch the Number 6 Bus towards English Bay.

Guu There are 3 locations of this very popular “Izakaya” style establishment, the closest being found a 10 minute walk away at 838 Thurlow St, at Guu, you will experience authentic Japanese style food and a fun atmosphere that makes the dining experience unique to Guu.

Joe’s Grill and Hamburger Marys, These are two very popular diner experiences that will suit all the family and are ideally located a couple of minutes walk away, either side of the hotel on Davie Street, at these restaurants you will have something for everyone of all ages, with a Canadian/North American twist, all day breakfast and an overall Canadian feel.

We will promote more in future blogs where we will look at The Staff Picks of Restaurants………we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!!

Happy Festive Season!!!!

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

The Festive Season is here and you can feel and see the excitement in the hotel and in the city….

Many people have been enjoying the festivities here in Vancouver, from the Festival of lights in Stanley Park to the Christmas Market near the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, which brings a little taste of a German market to Vancouver.

Christmas time is always a big event for many of us around the world, whether its for religious traditions or simply a time to be wrapped up in a festive atmosphere of your choosing, for most of us, it can be an extra special time to spend time with families and Children who all get excited with the prospect of Santa’s arrival and what gifts Santa may bring.

At the hotel, we have decided to indulge our guests with the Xmas cheer, everyday up until Xmas day from 3pm till 6pm, we will have Marshmallows, Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Sticks for the guests to enjoy and to bring them into the festive spirit. We have a beautiful decorated tree by the fireplace at reception, next to the tree we have an opportunity for guests young and old to write out a wish list for Santa, and a chance to further decorate the tree.

We will also like to acknowledge all the many other festivities that are celebrated at this time of year, many of which are traditions that have been created through ancient mythology, with a strong focus that pays attention to the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun being worshiped and celebrated along its celestial path where it now begins its journey from the lowest point in the sky, slowly climbing back up to greet us with longer days.

So whether you follow the Christian, Pagan or Secular traditions, or you simply use this time to enjoy the festive bandwagon, we all hope that this time of year is a great time for reflection, community and a moment to share with close loved ones, friends and family….at The Sunset Inn, we like to feel that we are an extended part of your family and look forward to playing a part of your festive season.

So Merry Xmas to everyone. Happy Yuletide, Happy Hannukkah, or just Happy Fesitivities…..and a very very Belated and Happy New Year from all of us at the Sunset Inn.

Stay Safe, stay happy and take care….see you in 2012 with more regular blogs and updates from within the Sunset Inn x

Coming soon……..Beyond Spa Bliss…..Enjoy a Holistic massage experience at the Sunset Inn.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


The Sunset Inn is proud to announce a brand new package experience that will soon be announce on our website…

The Sunset Inn will be teamed up with The Calixica Holistic Boutique Spa that will offer a package that will bring together a nights stay at our hotel where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic Massage courtesy of Calixica.

Last Tuesday (November 22nd) The Sunset Inn and Calixica joined forces to throw a wonderful Media Launch party to announce our brand new promotion, and what a success this night was. We very much believe that this will be a big hit for people who are looking for something that little bit extra special, a package that will allow you to unwind in the luxury of you own suite and enjoy a holistic massage with the professional Calixica team. The idea of the treatment is for the guest to be able to melt away any Jet-lag, tension and worry, with the healing touch of the practitioners and the essence of a specially blended rose oil to transform and renew, leaving the guests in a state of harmony and balance. The effect is to create a sense of retreat. no matter what the purpose of the trip.

In this day and age the terms ‘Holism’ and ‘Holistic therapy’ are becoming more and more familiar around the world, notably becoming adopted in many aspects of medicine, fitness and overall health-care, in these demanding times some of us are looking for something to ground ourselves, where we can be more at one with the world around us.

The concept of Holistic health is on the rise and is now being used within the Psychological and Mental Health practice and in the general world of medicinal practice, the term in essence is a concept that encompasses all aspects of peoples needs, such as psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs, as well as the environment that the person is within, by looking at all these areas a holistic perspective may be able to enhance wellness and well-being, even if the effect is deemed to be a placebo it could very well have remarkable health benefits on the mind and soul.

Calixica like to use Rose Oils and this is a familiar theme within their Spa on Granville Island. The use of Roses for treatment is nothing new, in fact, Roses have been used by many civilizations over millennia, most notably in the Middle East and Asia where Roses are to be found in abundance, although Roses can be found on many continents around the world, these areas have been very prevalent with their use, especially for medicinal use and cooking. The use of Roses are actually on the rise, with many food recipes incorporating roses and their oils….something that could be interesting and different….you can even experiment in the hotel as every room has a full kitchen that is fully equipped for all your culinary needs!

For further information, please keep checking our website and look under our Specialty Package deals, and if you have any further suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us, new and exciting ideas are always welcome.

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