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Who wants to go and watch some Contemporary theatrical comedy?

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Do you fancy some Contemporary theater that is sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear? We know just the place and show for you to see.

The Sunset Inn is proud to accommodate the theatrical company Visible Fictions, the team will be staying with us in Vancouver whilst their production of Jason and the Argonauts will be playing at the Carousel Theater on Granville Island. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, the Visible Fictions production team are touring the US and Canada and are getting some incredible reviews from The Times in the UK and The New York Times to name but a few.

Their show Jason and the Argonauts will be running until April 28th, this production is sure to bring you plenty of laughs and entertainment with this high energy and hugely physical performance.

Not only that we highly recommend that you make a day of it when you head down to the Island. So here are some suggestions…

Feeling hungry? Check out The Sandbar Restaurant, this is a very popular dining establishment with an extensive menu that encompasses a wide price range from regular pub food to higher end cuisine, whatever you fancy we are sure you will be satisfied.

Fancy some Wine? Go and grab a bottle at Liberty Wine Merchants and mention you are staying at the Sunset Inn, we have a customer number set up so you can receive a discount at this Wine Store, the staff there sure do know their wine and have extensive knowledge of their wide and varied selection of high end wines.

Need to unwind and reset, have some relaxing time at The Calixica Holistic Spa, check out our promotion on this webpage that we have set up with them.

And finally, make sure you explore the Island, there are plenty of boutique shops and craft stores to peruse, as well as the very famous Granville Island Market, open daily between 9am and 7pm.

To get to Granville Island, we recommend taking the False Creek Ferries, its cute, quick and a moment where you can reach for the camara and snap some shots of False Creek and English Bay.

We do hope that you make it to the show, it will not disappoint.

Clip from the Visible Fictions production of Jason and the Argonauts

Visible Fictions production of Jason and the Argonauts

Coming soon……..Beyond Spa Bliss…..Enjoy a Holistic massage experience at the Sunset Inn.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


The Sunset Inn is proud to announce a brand new package experience that will soon be announce on our website…

The Sunset Inn will be teamed up with The Calixica Holistic Boutique Spa that will offer a package that will bring together a nights stay at our hotel where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic Massage courtesy of Calixica.

Last Tuesday (November 22nd) The Sunset Inn and Calixica joined forces to throw a wonderful Media Launch party to announce our brand new promotion, and what a success this night was. We very much believe that this will be a big hit for people who are looking for something that little bit extra special, a package that will allow you to unwind in the luxury of you own suite and enjoy a holistic massage with the professional Calixica team. The idea of the treatment is for the guest to be able to melt away any Jet-lag, tension and worry, with the healing touch of the practitioners and the essence of a specially blended rose oil to transform and renew, leaving the guests in a state of harmony and balance. The effect is to create a sense of retreat. no matter what the purpose of the trip.

In this day and age the terms ‘Holism’ and ‘Holistic therapy’ are becoming more and more familiar around the world, notably becoming adopted in many aspects of medicine, fitness and overall health-care, in these demanding times some of us are looking for something to ground ourselves, where we can be more at one with the world around us.

The concept of Holistic health is on the rise and is now being used within the Psychological and Mental Health practice and in the general world of medicinal practice, the term in essence is a concept that encompasses all aspects of peoples needs, such as psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs, as well as the environment that the person is within, by looking at all these areas a holistic perspective may be able to enhance wellness and well-being, even if the effect is deemed to be a placebo it could very well have remarkable health benefits on the mind and soul.

Calixica like to use Rose Oils and this is a familiar theme within their Spa on Granville Island. The use of Roses for treatment is nothing new, in fact, Roses have been used by many civilizations over millennia, most notably in the Middle East and Asia where Roses are to be found in abundance, although Roses can be found on many continents around the world, these areas have been very prevalent with their use, especially for medicinal use and cooking. The use of Roses are actually on the rise, with many food recipes incorporating roses and their oils….something that could be interesting and different….you can even experiment in the hotel as every room has a full kitchen that is fully equipped for all your culinary needs!

For further information, please keep checking our website and look under our Specialty Package deals, and if you have any further suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us, new and exciting ideas are always welcome.

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