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Vegetarian/Vegan friendly Restaurants

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Vancouver is a great city if you are Vegetarian or Vegan, you will not have to look too far to find some excellent meat free cuisine.

Take a look at the list below to find our popular best picks for anyone who is Vegetarian.

One of the most recent Vegetarian venues to open in the last year or so and it is really bringing excellent fine dining and atmosphere to Vancouver all the while being meat free.
It is also one of the most environmentally friendly establishments in the city as they pride themselves on local sustainability and utmost care regarding its product and relationship with the community.

Now in its 10th and has since grown to 4 locations around the city, this restaurant is very popular and loved. Some may say that Lebanese food is some of the healthiest around, and after dining at Nuba it is very hard to argue with this comment.
The menu blends the very best from the Middle East and has some European influences, many of the dishes served will not seem unfamiliar.
There are Halal, non medicated hormone free meat options if you are dining with a carnivore in the group.

Open 364 days a year in the beautiful district of Kitsilano – The Naam is one of the most well known Vegetarian Restaurants. It is cute, rustic and open for 24 hours and live music in the evening. A nice fireplace to keep you warm in the winter and a lovely outside garden during the more balmy weather of summer It can be very very busy and due to the volume and space no reservations.

Not Exclusively Vegetarian. The menu however is huge – and they have a separate menu that is extensively suitable for Vegetarians.
This is great Chinese food that is loaded full of flavour and really is the real deal.

A very popular Vegetarian restaurant that is a huge hit among a younger crowd and hipster scene – it is cheap and cheerful but can be a hectic place at times, so if this is somewhere you are looking for to spend some time to relax in peace and quiet then this may have a little too much hustle and bustle for you. Saying all that, it is worth a visit on a budget. No website available.
2301 Main St Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9
(604) 708-0881

PuSh Festival and Dine Out Vancouver coming this week…

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The first major festivals of the season are coming to Vancouver in just a few days time. First up is PuSH Performing Arts Festival, quickly followed by Dine Out Vancouver a few days later.

PuSh Festival
A great way to begin the year with this very popular and groundbreaking Live Perfomance Arts festival.
PuSh Showcases the very best talent of local Vancouver Artists who are sure to engage and wow you with some truly incredible performances.
Expect to be inspired, spellbound and entertained by the groundbreaking performances that are created to be an unforgettable experience.
The festival is built around a broker of International Partnerships that combines the most brilliant and creative minds that showcases some of Canada’s finest and best works in the Performing Arts Industry.

To look for Tickets and venues click on the link below…(PuSh Passes are now sold out – individual tickets can be obtained from this link).

This is a great foodie event! We are all looking forward to this as each and every year this festival gets bigger and much more diverse.
To be a little different this year, Dine Out Vancouver is now incorporating ‘Food carts’ to join in with the festivities…this makes perfect sense to us here at The Sunset Inn as the Food carts have been a major hit in Vancouver, it has really changed the food lovers landscape, and they are EVERYWHERE…we are truly spoiled for choice.

Local restaurants that are taking part in Dine Out and are in close proximity to the Sunset are as follows.

This is a fantastic restaurant located just a block away on Davie Street.
A menu that is Lebanese and Moroccan – you will really be treated to a fantastic Mediterranean style cuisine. Whats more, it is suitable for everyone as the menu has plenty to offer for anyone who is Carnivorous, Vegetarian and Vegan.
The Wine selection, decor and above all the care that is given in presentation and style will make this a great fine dining experience that will not break your wallet.
The food chosen is of the highest quality and that are local, organic and hormone free.

The Boathouse
A very popular restaurant that is sure to satisfy anyone who has a craving for Seafood It has quite a varied menu that will please everyone, there is a little bit of everything, so for those of you that are not too keen on Fish, thats ok, you will be looked after too.
The Boathouse has a fantastic balcony too, so come rain or shine you can dine here while enjoying the perfect view of English Bay.

Raincity Grill
Just a block away from The Boathouse and also nestled close to English Bay this is a great restaurant for fine dining.
One of the very first restaurants to realise the potential of using locally grown ingredients. The Raincity Grill really captures the essence of food in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest, it also boasts a great menu of Fine Wines to enjoy with your meal.